Why do Budgies Scream so Much?

Last updated on February 27th, 2024 at 07:04 pm

Written by Isra P

We all love our budgerigars, but we often wonder, why do budgies scream so much? Of course, they do love to play, fly, and sing whenever possible. Still, when it’s screaming time, you had better brace for it.

They can get quite vocal when they really want to, and if you don’t know why they do it, you might lose your mind trying to calm them down!

Budgies scream when they are bored, feel threatened, or want to show their authority. They may also become loud if they are happy or hungry. When birds shriek, it’s a way of expressing their emotions, positive or negative. So it’s essential to pay attention to their behavior to find out if they are distressed in some way or are having a great time.

Naturally, once you have determined the cause of the constant screaming, you also need a plan to put a stop to it in case something is upsetting your winged friend. Here are the most common reasons that motivate budgies to be excessively noisy.

Many things can prompt a budgie to scream. It could be the sunrise, a cat walking nearby, your TV, or even your new suit. So get to know your pets, and see if any of the following triggers provoke a barrage of noise from your budgies.

1. It's Morning

As soon as the first rays of the sun show up, you can bet your budgies will notice. Unfortunately, this usually leads to non-stop screaming that may last over half an hour. This shouldn’t come up as a surprise, though.

light of the sun

It is normal for birds to get excited and scream when a new day starts. They typically do this to call their fellow members of the flock and get them ready to find new grounds with lots of food. In your budgies’ case, it means they are prepared to get things going, and you should be up as well!

2. The sun is Setting

Don’t be alarmed if your budgies scream at dusk. You may not know this, but budgies also tend to get excited when the sun is coming down. This behavior is deeply ingrained in birds as it is the way they call their flock members to gather and return home.

3. They are Calling out Other Budgies

Birds have this thing that whenever they hear a sound similar to the ones they make, they begin screaming nonstop. This is perfectly normal, and it is just their way to try and get attention from their own kind. Budgies are no exception.

Since they are very social, they will do whatever it takes to gain as many friends as possible, even if it means yelling at the top of their lungs. After all, the more, the merrier!

4. They are Feeling Lonely

Your pets might scream when they feel lonely. If you aren’t sure if loneliness is causing the problem, pay special attention whenever you leave the room.

If you notice constant screaming coming from your budgies the moment you exit the area, then there’s a good chance that’s a trigger, and you might have to consider spending more time with your friend or getting another winged companion.

5. Your Budgies Feel Threatened

Fear is a common cause of screaming among budgies. Cats, dogs, and pretty much any other animal can scare your pets enough to turn them into screeching machines by simply getting close. But that’s not all. Sudden loud noises, especially at night, are also terrifying for budgies.

6. Your Pets are Getting Bored

Boredom is never a good thing. A bored budgie is likely to misbehave and frequently yell when left alone. You see, budgies need a lot of stimulation, and if they can’t find anything that gets their interest, they will just scream out of frustration.

7. The Budgies are Growing up

parakeet growing up

Occasionally, young budgies get aggressive and scream to test you and establish their dominance. You must not allow that to happen. Be aware when they start doing this, and keep them in check.

8. Your Budgies are Displaying Authority

If you have only one budgie, this might not be an issue. However, in a group of budgies, a competition for dominance may arise. Often, they might get moody and need to show others who’s boss.

male budgie on a ladder

When that happens, you will see one or more budgies screaming at each other. This is their way of showing other flock members that they are the ones in charge. Typically, that type of screaming doesn’t last long, but it often occurs during the day.

9. Hormones are Taking Over Your Pets

Hormonal changes can make your parakeets scream more than they usually do. As a result, during the breeding season taking place from spring to summer, they may get more vocal and aggressive.

Fortunately, it doesn’t always happen, and once the season is over, they go back to being the calm, loving fellows we are so fond of.

10. Your Birds are Fighting Over Food

Budgies love their treats but aren’t often in a sharing mood. So it is natural for them to scream to other budgies trying to take their precious snacks.

11. The Budgies are Excited

Sometimes your birds scream because they are happy. For example, they might have gotten a new toy or tasted a delicious snack. In such a case, you’d better embrace it and let them have a good time.

12. Your Pets are Being Territorial

territorial male parakeet and female one

Your budgies need their own space, and they might get upset if you or another budgie get too close. Of course, they will spend time with you and play with others when they feel it, but if they aren’t ready, you will hear a lot of screaming.

13. They are Lacking Food

parakeets' food

Would you scream if you were stuck in a cage without food? Definitely! Your pets need food, and if you forget, they will scream until you remember.

14. It's too Noisy

Budgies don’t like noisy environments, and they will make sure you give them attention even if they have to scream even more for you to hear them.

In the following video, you will understand why budgies scream sometimes:

How to Stop a Screaming Budgie

Now that you know why budgies scream to the top of their lungs, you may need to do something about it. Depending on the problem, there are a few steps you can take to calm your birds and even improve your relationship with them.

Anticipate the Screaming

The easiest way to deal with a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. If the screaming occurs at sunrise and you want to get up a bit later, you can place shades or shutters, ensuring all windows are covered. You may also cover the cage to be on the safe side. Once you are ready to begin your day, remove all covers and let them rejoice.

How about screaming at sunset? Well, first watch them for a few days, and learn the exact time at which they do it. Then, once you know the timing, feed them their favorite snack just before they begin their screaming session, and voila!

Don’t wait after they have started screeching, or you will make everything worse by reinforcing that behavior.

If the issue is no food, you know you must keep them supplied with plenty of nutritious food and water at all times. So how do you avoid forgetting? Do it first thing in the morning. That way, there won’t be any complaints later in the day.

Remove Possible Threats

Find out what makes your budgies so afraid and remove it at once. Cats and dogs should be kept far from the birds to avoid making them nervous

a cat and a dog

Try to reduce sudden loud sounds to a minimum. If you have to work on something that might disturb them, transfer your birds to a room where they are the least likely to be bothered by the noise.

Place Your Budgies in Different Cages

In case the screaming is caused by relentless fighting over food, pay attention if there are specific budgies that are prone to fighting and place them in different cages. Once you know their tummies are full, you may allow them some playing time with the others

Keep Them Entertained

When budgies get bored, they scream a lot. Luckily, the matter can be solved by getting toys and spending time with them. Bells, bird swings, and ladders are a few alternatives that will make your pets happy without effort.

toy with bell, bird swing and ladder

Isolate Them and Establish Dominance

Sometimes you may need to give your budgies a time out. If they scream, and there isn’t a specific cause triggering it, they could be testing you to see how you react to their call. Cover the cage for around five minutes, and they should calm down (source).

Another way to calm screaming budgies is through training sessions. Bond with them and try to get them used to your face and hands. Teach them to step up on a perch and then your hand to decrease the chances of random screaming. You should also keep them below your eye level to assert dominance, which is critical when budgies are young.

Put Your Budgie at Ease

Reduce all unnecessary loud noises near your pets. Afterward, provide soothing melodies or any other they like to let them unwind. A relaxed budgie is unlikely to scream.

Budgies scream for various reasons. It could be loneliness, fear, boredom, happiness, or just because they feel like it. The important thing is to understand why they do it and do everything within your power to provide a safe and peaceful environment where they are happy.

He is the leading creator of featheredbuddies.com, a website dedicated to helping bird owners. For many years, Isra P has cared for budgies and other birds to ensure their happiness and well-being. His passion and enthusiasm for them have led him to a quest to find out why birds act the way they do and how to enrich their lives.