Where Do Budgies Like to Be Touched? Discover the Elusive Spot!

Last updated on April 25th, 2024 at 09:08 pm

Written by Isra P

Where do budgies like to be touched? The answer is quite an intriguing one. Budgies are friendly companions; however, you must be cautious when approaching them. There are specific areas in their bodies where they don’t mind being touched as long as you have earned their approval.

Budgies like to be touched on the chest, around their necks, and heads. They may also enjoy it close to where their ears are located. But, of course, there are certain spots where they may not want human hands nearby. Stroking a budgie in those forbidden areas may lead to unwanted behavior or resentment from your pet.

Once you know the ideal places to pet your feathered friends, you must be aware of the best time to do it. They can be moody, so you have to read their body language well before giving them a belly rub. Here are the most common zones where budgies like being petted and some they may despise.

Budgies like to be touched only on their terms. You see, there are a few key details that are vital for any budgie to consider before granting you the coveted “petting clearance.”

budgie eating seeds and pellets over the hand

Although they are social creatures and tend to be friendly toward each other, they don’t want to be petted by just anyone. Even among themselves, they hesitate to allow other budgies to touch their feathers if they aren’t trusted (source).


Without a doubt, trust is the number one element that has to be present before touching a budgie. Don’t try to force it, as that backfires badly. Instead, you will know your pets trust you when you place your hand near them, and they stay calm.


Their mood at any given moment, it’s crucial to be able to touch them. If they are frightened, angry, stressed, or overly excited, that’s not a good time.


You also have to remember that not all budgies are touch-friendly, so allowing you to pet them may not be a luxury you have, depending on the individual bird. Don’t feel bad if they fly or shy away as you approach them; that might just be how they are and not necessarily mean they hate you.

Should you Touch a Budgie's Back?

Touching the back of a budgie is something you should avoid for several reasons. You might get away with it a few times, but it has many drawbacks.

First, it can trigger mating behavior (reference). If you do it, your pet will think you are the mate and will regurgitate on you. You may want to be your pet’s friend, but you definitely don’t want it to believe you are the mate.

That also can become a problem if they see other people hugging you as they could get mad and attack you and whoever is friendly with you.

The back is also a spot they cannot see, so they might get jumpy or stressed if you touch them there. Predators usually attack their prey when they aren’t looking, which may send the wrong message causing them to fly out of control or bite you.

Can I rub my Budgie's Chest?

It’s a good idea to rub your budgie’s chest, but you have to do it gently. First, rub the upper part of the chest using your index finger’s fingertip, then slowly go down to the lower area.

where do budgies like to be touched

Don’t use too much pressure, or your pet might freak out and fly away from you. Always keep an eye on your budgie’s actions and watch out for any defensive behavior.

Should I Scratch my Budgie's Head?

A budgie’s head is one spot you can scratch when it trusts you. Similar to the way you rub your pet’s chest, you may massage the head when it’s comfortable.

You may use any fingertip you like, but at first, remember to remain between the back of the head and the neck to make it feel at ease.

Is it a Good Idea to Stroke a Budgie's Neck?

Stroking a budgie’s neck is always a good idea when it likes you. As a matter of fact, it’s the first spot you should touch when your pet lets you become a trusted member of its circle.

You can start by placing the fingertip of your index finger and stroke the front, sides, and back area of the bird’s neck. Do it softly and watch it fall asleep in your hands.

In the following video, you will see a budgie that likes being petted reacts:

Do Budgies Enjoy Being Cuddled?

Some budgies enjoy cuddling, while others don’t. It all depends on their unique traits and how much they trust you. Cuddling is easier when you have bonded with a budgie from a young age.

You have to understand they must protect themselves from predators, and cuddling with you puts them in a vulnerable position. But, for them to do it requires absolute trust, which is not easily achieved.

Now, as you try to cuddle, keep an eye on their body language. Getting sleepy and lying down are good signs they are willing to cuddle. On the other hand, any nervousness indicators, such as biting or squawking, mean you should not force it.

Why do Budgies Nibble Fingers?

Budgies nibble on fingers to explore their surroundings (in this case, a person’s hands) and strengthen the bond with their owners. They are always curious and want to understand their environment better.

Their beaks, which are their most powerful tool, can be used to examine objects and communicate when needed. Budgies may try to give you a manicure by getting rid of anything that is out of place in your fingers (including your skin).

Of course, if at some point they feel threatened or stressed while nibbling on your fingers, they might bite for real, and that will hurt a lot, so refrain from scaring them off.

Do Budgies Like it When you Kiss Them?

Some budgies do like it when you kiss them, but again, it depends on their personalities and how much effort you put into bonding with them. You may often see them approaching to kiss you first while on your shoulder if you have established a good relationship with them. But before you do it, you must know a couple of details.

First, you must not wear lipstick as it can be harmful if they ingest it by accident. Additionally, kiss the top part of their beaks with a closed mouth to avoid any contact with the saliva. You or your pet may unknowingly transmit a disease to the other if you don’t do it right.

When is the Best Time to Touch a Budgie?

The best time to touch a budgie is when it’s relaxed, comfortable, and exploring. As your pet investigates the environment, it’s likely to engage you if you are nearby.

At that point, you should extend your hand, offer a treat (ideally millet), and whisper to it. Budgies love when you do that and will respond if they trust you.

Where Should you not pet a Budgie?

Some spots should be avoided when petting budgies. These are sensitive areas where even a gentle touch might feel dangerous.


Your pet’s feet are sensitive, and it’s vital not to get damaged in any way. They are so protective of them that not even their mates are allowed to poke them playfully.

Under the Wings

Some budgies may dislike exposing their inner wings to your touch. The area under their wings is easily damaged, and they might bite you if you rush trying to stroke that zone, so to be safe, stay out of there.

The Back

A budgie’s back may or may not be a good place to pet. Remember, they are defensive about it and might mistake you for a mate. So keep your distance from the back, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Tail

Stroking the tail of budgies is often a bad idea. Unless you have a solid relationship with them, they won’t want you to mess with the feathers in that area, as they are crucial to direct their flight and maintaining their balance. Also, touching them may cause budgies to go crazy, thinking a predator is after them, so be careful.

Why is my Budgie Avoiding my Hand?

A budgie that avoids its owner’s hand is likely afraid of it. Why? For starters, it could have been traumatized by either you, the previous owner, or another person.

It could also be that it needs more bonding time with you, or it’s part of its personality. In any case, you should bond with your budgie first before attempting to pet it.

Do Budgies Like to be Grabbed?

Budgies don’t like to be grabbed. If you want a good relationship with your bird, you had better first gain their trust before handling them in any way, unless it’s an emergency.

Avoid forcing them to like you or do what you want, as that will never work. The only thing you will achieve with such actions is making them loathe you, and you don’t want that!

They must always be treated with gentleness and care, and their chances of listening to you will be much higher.

Do Budgies Enjoy you Blowing on Them?

Some budgies may like you blowing on them, but that’s a hit or miss. Some birds immediately get scared and fly away even after a gentle breeze. On the other hand, if they are familiar with you, others may find it soothing and stay to show they are fond of you.

How to pet a Budgie for the First Time

Before you try to pet a budgie for the first time, you must understand it will require patience and effort depending on their age and how long they have been with you.

• Create a peaceful atmosphere: Budgies get frightened by almost anything. Loud noises and sudden movements will put them on their guard, so make sure everything is as quiet as possible before making your move.

• Offer treats: No budgie can resist a millet spray. Lure them to your hand with this enticing snack, and they will become hypnotized.

• Approach gently: Move your finger slowly and try to pet your budgie’s neck since that’s the spot where they offer the least resistance.

• Pay attention: As you pet them, watch their behavior to see if they get nervous or scared. Wings flapping, looking around, or screaming are signs something is off.

• Get a reward: Once done, show them that behaving well pays off. Provide another snack or a toy they enjoy to keep them coming for more.

budgie eating millet

Discovering where budgies like to be touched isn’t an exact science. There’s a lot of trial and error involved, but if you persist in your efforts, you will find it worth it. Be consistent, and soon enough, you will be able to pet your feathered buddy without worries, and the best part of all is that it will love every minute of it.

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