101 Good Green Budgie Names you Will Love and Their Meanings

Last updated on April 25th, 2024 at 09:19 pm

Written by Isra P

Picking a good green budgie name is an art. Names are a crucial part of your pet’s identity, so you must be careful with the one you choose, or your relationship with your feathered companion won’t be as outstanding as it could be. How is that possible? Well, not all names are the same. Some are splendid, while others can be terrible.

A few examples of good green budgie names are Hulky, Cucu, Forest, Jade, Pickle, Cacti, Oscar, Greeny, Perry, Lawny, and Chive. All of them have something in common that makes them excellent choices. So, what are the specific elements that make a good name? Its length, complexity, fun factor, and the budgie’s personality are all factors you need to consider before naming your bird.

Of course, there are other details that can make or break a name. Keep reading to find out what are the most awesome names for your green budgie and how to make your own if you wish to do so.

When choosing the name for a green budgie, the sky is the limit. Although as a fundamental approach, you may have to consider the personality of your bird and its physical features.

Therefore, it’s essential to spend some time with your pet and not name it in haste. If you have an idea of the bird’s personality, you will be better able to provide a name praised by everyone.

In addition, the name of your budgie should be easy to understand and pronounce; otherwise, it will be challenging for your green budgie to learn and speak it.

Furthermore, choose a name loved by other family members, relatives, and friends. Why? Because if you need to take your pet somewhere, you will be confident about introducing its name.

What is Essential for a Good Green Budgie Name?

As previously mentioned, if you want a memorable name for your green budgie, it must be the appropriate length and complexity, has to be fun, match the personality, and be related to something green.


The right name has to be short; otherwise, your pet will have trouble learning it.


It has to be simple so budgies are able to pronounce it.

Fun Factor

What’s the point of a name if it isn’t fun, right? The more fun it is, the more you will enjoy saying it, and the higher the chances of your pets learning and speaking it.

Matching Personality

Budgies have their own distinct personality. Some of them are loud, while others are quiet. Some are happy, while others are grumpy. For that reason, the name given should agree with their behavior. Moreover, your friends and relatives will easily remember your pet’s name whenever they pay you a visit.

Green Element

A green budgie’s name must have something green in it; otherwise, it’s not green!

Appealing and Elegant Green Budgie Male Names

Male budgies tend to be chatterboxes with daring personalities. Below are some attractive male names and a little explanation for your adorable little green budgie.

good green budgie names

1. Kermit – For chatty budgies in honor of the lovable frog.

2. Plankton – Just like the mischievous cartoon character.

3. Greensward – Representing the green patches of the land.

4. Oscar – For lovable grouchy budgies like the well-known puppet.

5. Jiminy – A nice name for friendly companions, just like the popular cricket.

6. Squidward – Named after the cartoon character that is always upset.

7. Cacti – Splendid name for young budgies that may prickle your hand when you pet them.

8. Frogger – In honor of the popular game for pets that love leaping left and right.

9. Gazoo – An excellent name for tiny budgies that love appearing and disappearing.

10. Luigy – Fine name for green-looking birds.

11. Fern – For charming budgies that want to chill out.

12. Clover – An excellent name for lucky budgies.

13. Patrick – Few things have more green than St. Patrick’s Day, making it a solid name for a male budgie.

14. Swampy – Inspired by the superhero protecting the swamps’ greenery.

15. Riddler – A lovely name for enigmatic budgies.

16. Brighty – Great for a cute bird with characteristic feathers.

17. Moss – For budgies that love proving they can thrive without effort.

18. Gumby – Like the beloved clay character that loved making everybody feel better.

19. Gecko – A fitting name for a budgie with a sneaky personality.

Sweet and Captivating Green Budgie Female Names

Female budgies have their own charm, so they need suitable names that can show how wonderful companions they can be. These feminine names are ideal for drawing attention to a girl’s budgie’s characteristics and beauty.

20. Ivy – Similar to the plant, it is a name for a pet with a reckless personality.

21. Chrysalis – A cute name for young birds that bloom into colorful adults just like butterflies.

22. Emerald – The ideal name for females resembling the precious stone.

23. Jade – For the harmonious budgie that likes being at peace.

24. Pea – A pretty name for tiny budgies with big personalities.

25. Dahlia – In the language of flowers, it means beauty and dignity.

26. Vera – For female budgies displaying their feathers in style.

27. Minty – Cool name for a light-green budgie.

28. Okra – The name for a green budgie, just like a vegetable of African origin.

29. Matcha – Like the tea, a fun-to-pronounce name that’s easy to remember.

30. Verdant – A casual name for the easygoing budgie.

31. Lizzy – For cuties that love chilling on the ground.

32. Pilea – Excellent for elegant tiny females, like the plant (source). 

33. Flora – Ideal for female budgies that are attracted to flowers.

34. Verda – After the green color in Esperanto.

35. Tealy – A lovely name for serene budgies.

36. Lawny – Similar to a lawn, it’s suitable for pets that require the best care.

37. Parsley – Named after the herb used to decorate exotic dishes.

38. Olive – For round feathered companions.

39. Seaweed – Named after the greenness found under the ocean.

Intriguing Gender Neutral Green Budgie Names

Some people may find it challenging to identify a budgie’s gender or simply prefer to use a neutral name. These names are ideal for those that love keeping it simple.

parakeets over a hand

40. Greeny – Favorable for any green budgie.

41. Grass – Very good for the green budgie that seems to be everywhere.

42. Succu – Optimal for a budgie with different tones of green (note).

43. Lime – It’s awesome for budgies that add flavor to your life.

44. Jungle – For adventurous budgies that love stepping into the unknown.

45. Basil – A refreshing name for a budgie loved by the flock.

46. Meadow – For peaceful budgies that enjoy admiring nature.

47. Vine – Like the plant, it’s excellent for a climbing budgie.

48. Coriander – An interesting name for stoic budgies.

49. Mask – Fitting name for a budgie with a comical attitude.

50. Leafy – A cute, simple name for budgies that flow with the wind.

51. Virid – Clever name for a budgie with vibrant tones.

52. Lush – Wonderful for budgies with plentiful plumage.

53. Mori – After the Japanese name for the forest.

54. Algae – For tricky budgies that want to lie low.

55. Denver – Similar to the friendly green dinosaur cartoon.

56. Cash – An captivating name for your invaluable winged companion.

57. Aspar – Ideal for budgies that show their flexibility by stretching like asparagus when bored.

58. Mim – For the birds that like to hide (article).

59. Turtle – This is a good name for a budgie who enjoys taking his time.

Mighty Green Budgie Names

Some budgies enjoy taking over the cages. They love to fight and boss around any other bird that comes close. The following list shows a few names you can use if you meet such intriguing budgies.

parakeet over cage

60. Hulky – For strong budgies similar to the superhero.

61. Piccolo – For serious budgies like the popular character.

62. Broly – Like the well-known green-haired character ideal for bulky budgies.

63. Pine – Strong and tall like a pine tree.

64. Mantis – For the fighter, like a praying mantis.

65. Shamrock – If luck is on your friend’s side, that’s a good name for him.

66. Franken – Short for Frankenstein for big, strong budgies that won’t stop.

67. Chameleon – For budgies that love hiding among plants.

68. Malachite – Similar to the semi-precious stone displaying stunning green hues.

69. Tarragon – A strong name for a formidable budgie originating from the French word estragon meaning “little dragon.”

70. Pothos – Tough name for independent, tricky budgies.

71. Dragon – For budgies that have a liking to take over the cage.

72. Monster@  – Like the plant, for big budgies (mention).

73. Tommy – As in the popular power ranger.

74. Woods – An option for budgies that love having fun with plants.

75. Chloro – From the Greek meaning light-green.

76. Groen – Inspired by the word green in dutch.

77. Garland – For budgies that are fascinated by holiday decorations.

78. Grinchy – Fitting name for birds that tend to be moody.

79. Rocket – You might be thinking about a spaceship, but in reality, it’s a plant (info). 

80. Bamboo – Could be used for budgies that want to stand out.

Some of the most brilliant green colors found in nature belong to vegetables. So you can give your budgie a name based on them, and most likely, it will be loved by everybody.

green veggies

81. Brocco – Use it for birds with a predominantly green head.

82. Celery – Perfect for those light green-shaded companions.

83. Rapini – Similar to the vegetable with a pungent flavor, it’s a good name for prankish budgies that grow on you.

84. Cucu – Short for cucumber, ideal for hyperactive budgies.

85. Lettucy – For budgies that enjoy their green goodness.

86. Zucchi – Perfect name for budgies that can get along with everybody.

87. Spinacho – Neat for birds with overwhelming green tones on their bodies.

88. Brussel – Charming name for a round, chubby budgie that won’t take a break from chowing down.

89. Soursop – Perfect for budgies that begin sour but end up being delightful.

90. Chive – For gentle budgies with a spicy personality.

91. Choy – A funny name for green-colored budgies that will make you smile.

92. Leek – Slick name for a crafty budgie.

93. Kale – An easy-to-remember name depicting the deep green hues of the well-known vegetable.

94. Cabby – The name for green and round birds like cabbage.

95. Arti – Short for artichoke. A good name for budgies that love getting round and puffy.

96. Pickle – A cute name for a budgie that always gets in trouble.

97. Kelpy – For crafty budgies that enjoy being in a group.

98. Wasabi – Great for budgies with a tangy personality like the Japanese plant.

99. Watercress – A soft-sounding name for a mellow budgie.

100. Chard – Easy-to-learn name for budgies that love keeping things simple.

101. Fennel – Like the versatile vegetable for budgies that can do anything.

As you can see, there are plenty of good green budgie names to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether your pet is male, female, tough, or looks like a veggie; you can be sure there’s a good one for it. So study the list carefully, and soon enough, your budgie will love you even more for giving them a name they like.

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