106 Good Blue Budgie Names You Will Enjoy and Their Meanings

Last updated on June 5th, 2024 at 04:42 am

Written by Isra P

Choosing good blue budgie names is a challenging task. You see, each budgie needs a unique name that goes beyond merely differentiating it from the other pets. So, it’s crucial that the one you pick must have a special meaning for you and your companion. That way, the bond between both of you will become stronger than you could ever imagine.

A few good blue budgie names you will enjoy are Lapis, Misty, Breeze, Azure, Marine, Skyler, Bluebell, Aqua, Ocean, and Raina. They are all exceptional choices, making it difficult to decide which is the best. Of course, you may still wonder what is essential for a good budgie name. Simplicity, meaning, personality, memorability, and closeness to the blue color are all necessary components that must be present before naming your pet.

That said, there are a few other factors that may ruin what, under different circumstances, would be a great name. So keep reading to discover 100+ fascinating names for your blue budgie.

Our budgies are very important to us, and now that you have blue ones, you must carefully think about proper names. But how do you choose the right ones, and what process should you follow to select them?

Well, you must first spend some time watching your budgies. Then, depending on their actions and how they react to their environment, you can get a hint. Moreover, whichever you pick, should be easy to remember for you and your pets.

Make sure they are also easy to say, as you will probably want your birds to be able to vocalize them if, by any chance, you get talking budgies.

What is Vital for a Good Blue Budgie Name?

Every name you consider for your blue budgies should have the following characteristics. It has to be simple, meaningful, personalized, memorable, and most importantly, it has to be related in some way to the color blue!

The chosen name has to be simple for your bird to be able to recognize. Imagine saying something like a four-syllable name every time to see if your budgie can understand you want it to come to you. That will probably frustrate both of you. Two-syllable names are ideal for connecting better with your pet.

You also want it to mean something. Aside from being easier to remember, you will get more excited whenever you utter your beloved companion’s name.

It goes without saying that whatever you pick has to be related to the way your budgie behaves. For example, you could say that a budgie that likes climbing everywhere could be named Climby. That makes it a lot more fun to say it.

You don’t want to forget your budgie’s name, especially if you have many. I have seen many budgie owners mix up their pets’ names left and right because they are too hard to learn. Each budgie is special in its own unique way, and you want to remember that fact.

A blue budgie’s name must have something about the blue color in it; otherwise, it defeats the purpose of being blue (reference).

Bold and Passionate Blue Budgie Male Names

very blue budgie that is male

Male budgies love being the center of attention. Below is a list of names with their meanings that will capture the essence of their strength, depth, and striking personality.

1. Clumsy: For blue budgies that are always getting themselves in trouble.

2. Breeze: For budgies representing air’s refreshing and gentle movement.

3. Stratos: Dark blue-colored budgies will find this name perfect for them.

4. Azure: A splendid name for budgies with a shade of blue often associated with the sky.

5. Jellal: Like the Fairy Tail character for budgies that mean business.

6. Ocean: A great name for budgies with a boundless personality.

7. Cobalt: Like the element which has a vibrant blue hue when used as a pigment.

8. Indi: Short for Indigo, ideal for budgies with a deep blue color between blue and violet.

9. Jabber: Short for Jabberjaw, for adorable budgies that get chased everywhere they go (source).

10. Featherball: Ideal for budgies with plenty of blue plumage.

11. Drift: A fabulous name symbolizing a gentle, wandering motion, reflecting the cool attitude of a blue budgie.

12. Denim: Ideal for budgies with a peculiar shade of blue.

13. Cloud: A great name for blue budgies that love to fly around.

14. Blainn: The old Norse word for “blue.”

15. Orion: A remarkable name inspired by the legendary constellation representing the magnificence of the stars.

16. Astros: A good name for male budgies meaning “related to the stars.”

17. Zen: A name resembling the calmness and tranquility of a lake.

18. Jay: Like blue jays, a name showcasing the colors of bright blue birds.

19. Slate: Similar to the greyish-blue of slate rocks, perfect for male budgies.

20. Neel: This Hindi-originated name means “blue.”

Dazzling and Lovable Blue Budgie Female Names

Female budgies have a unique sense of grace and beauty. The following names embody a sense of elegance and femininity, making them ideal for those who appreciate the distinctive charm of these companions.

21. Lyra: Just like the constellation in the northern sky, the name represents the beauty of the cosmos.

22. Sora: An excellent name originating from Japanese, meaning “sky.”

23. Aqua: For budgies that like to refresh themselves.

24. Misty: Similar to a blue mist, symbolizing tranquility, mystery, and softness.

25. Smurfette: Like the cartoon female Smurf, for budgies that get all the attention.

26. Raina: A name of Slavic origin, meaning “queen,” and associated with the blue hues of a rainy sky.

27. Luna: For budgies resembling the color blue due to the night sky and the calming presence of the moon.

28. Celes: An interesting name for budgies meaning “celestial,” referring to the celestial bodies, such as stars and planets in a blue sky.

29. Delphine: Derived from the Latin “delphinus,” meaning “dolphin,” associated with the grace of these marine creatures.

30. Capri: For the vivid blue waters surrounding the Italian island of Capri.

31. Ceana: Short for Oceana, a female name that reflects the true depth of the ocean.

32. Viola: Just like the blue-violet flower, which represents purity and elegance.

33. Talia: A Hebrew word meaning “dew from heaven,” related to the blue hues of morning dew.

34. Ciel: From the French, meaning “sky,” for serene and peaceful budgies.

35. Kaila: Short for Kailani, meaning “sea and sky,” originating from the Hawaiian culture.

36. Maya: Ideal for female budgies, from Arabic meaning “water.”

37. Iris: Just like the purple-ish blue flower.

38. Pearl: Like the precious gemstone found in the blue oceans.

39. Marina: Originated from the Latin “marinus,” which means “of the sea.”

40. Nala: Short for Nalani, another name originated from Hawaii, meaning “calm skies.”

Mesmerizing Gender Neutral Blue Budgie Names

If you have no idea whether your blue feathered friend is male or female, unisex names are what you need. These names are perfect for all who recognize their budgies’ individuality and prefer a versatile option that works well, regardless of gender.

41. Ruka: Meaning “bright blue flower” in Japanese.

42. Ceru: Short for Cerulean, a shade of blue that resembles the sky on a clear day.

43. Comet: A name inspired by the celestial phenomenon, representing the brilliance of a blue budgie’s tail.

44. Skyler: A name associated with the sky due to its similar sound.

45. Everest: Named after the highest peak in the world with its white and blue splendor.

46. Harmony: Like the cruise that travels across oceans.

47. Skye: A good name for budgies that remind you of the vast blue sky.

48. Royal: For budgies that love feeling like royalty.

49. Teal: Just like the color for deep blue colored budgies.

50. Ice: Perfect for budgies that hide their true selves.

51. Sky: A simple name evoking the immensity of the endless sky.

52. Baby: A great name for light-colored young budgies.

53. Frost: A good name for a budgie with a refreshing attitude.

54. Blue: Similar to the popular character of the TV show for budgies that like to keep it simple.

55. Zeru: Meaning “sky” in the Basque region.

56. Midnight: One of the deepest shades of blue for mysterious budgies.

57. Riptide: Representing the powerful ocean currents.

Gem-Themed Blue Budgie Names

Precious stones are known for their high value; the same can be said about our beloved budgies. The list of gem-related names can highlight the unique and captivating features of blue budgies, making them a perfect choice for those enchanted by the timeless allure of jewels and their symbolic meanings.

58. Crystal: A name that highlights the sparkling nature of a budgie.

59. Sapphire: Like the blue gemstone, for budgies that are wise beyond their years.

60. Apa: Short for Apatite, like the mineral in various shades of blue, symbolizing the striking elegance of blue budgies.

61. Moonsty: A name inspired by the mystical moonstone.

62. Lapis: Similar to the deep blue semi-precious stone symbolizing intuition for budgies who always know what to do.

63. Beryl: A interesting name after the blue gemstone symbolizing clarity.

64. Bijou: Originated from the French word meaning “jewel” or “gem,” for delicate and breathtaking budgies

65. Jewel: Symbolizing the exceptionally high value of budgies.

66. Tanza: Short for Tanzanite, a remarkable name for captivating budgies.

67. Topaz: Representing the beauty and clarity of a budgie.

68. Larimar: A good name for budgies showing unusual hues of blue.

69. Kyani: Named after the blue mineral kyanite, highlighting the deep blue tones of budgies.

70. Opal: Just like the famous gemstone known for its enigmatic splendor.

Gorgeous and Delightful Names for Blue Budgies

light blue budgerigar

These names celebrate the stunning shades of blue and the enchanting beauty of blue-colored budgies. It doesn’t matter which one you pick; they all emphasize the vibrant hues that will do justice to our cherished pets.

71. Gale: For graceful budgies meaning “strong wind.”

72. Kai: From Hawaii, meaning “sea,” representing the tranquility of the ocean.

73. Haze: A name that suggests a soft, atmospheric blueness for mysterious budgies.

74. Borealis: Similar to the dazzling blue lights at the north pole.

75. Chill: For blue budgies that love to unwind at any chance.

76. Frosty: Similar to the delightful snowman everyone loves.

77. Neon: For peaceful budgies with a delightful iridescent blue appearance.

78. Ripple: Symbolizing a gentle wave in the endless sea.

79. Bubbles: Symbolizing soap bubbles floating to the blue sky.

80. Bluebell: Like the charming blue-violet wildflower, symbolizing sweetness and innocence.

81. Dewdrop: Similar to tiny droplets of dew, the name symbolizes the delicate nature of blue budgies.

82. Sini: From the longer Finnish name Sinikka, meaning “blue.”

83. Doli: Originated from Navajo, meaning “bluebird.”

84. Blueberry: Just like the popular fruit for sweet, adorable budgies.

85. Tiffa: Short for Tiffany, after the famous shade of Tiffany Blue.

86. Bluemoon: Like the rare astronomical phenomena for unique budgies.

Brave and Fearless Names for Blue Budgies

If you have audacious budgies, you might need a memorable name that reflects their courage, resilience, and dynamic nature. These names showcase their valiant disposition to savor every moment.

87. Marine: Like a member of the special forces that defies all odds to succeed.

88. Gonzo: For daring budgies that don’t know when to stop (facts).

89. Navy: An splendid name for budgies ready to take over everything.

90. Glacier: An excellent name for cool, unwavering budgies.

91. Neptune: Like the mysterious, enchanting blue planet.

92. Icy: For budgies that won’t panic in the face of danger.

93. Frostbite: For budgies that may bite when they lose their cool.

94. Stormy: A good name for strong and intense budgies.

95. Bolt: A solid name for robust and fast budgies like a lightning bolt.

96. Whirlpool: For vigorous budgies with a vibrant and lively nature similar to water.

Awesome Names for Blue Budgies

We all have pets that are something else. Below are a few names inspired by the vibrant shades of blue reflecting a budgie’s amazing nature.

97. Mega: An excellent name for budgies that go the extra mile.

98. Buster: Like the famous Tiny Toons’ character that loves pulling pranks.

99. Sonic: For quick budgies that seem to be everywhere at once.

100. Huckle: A good name for budgies that love trying everything.

101. Squirtle: For the budgie that is always ready for battle.

102. Smurf: Great for laid-back small blue companions.

103. Gumball: Like the clever cartoon character that knows how to escape danger.

104. Echo: A curious name symbolizing the delightful songs and chatter of a blue budgie that seems to reverberate everywhere.

105. Nimbus: For budgies that love relaxing like the clouds in the blue sky.

106. Cruise: An ideal name highlighting blue budgies’ cool and easygoing nature.

Final Thoughts

Picking the ideal name for your blue budgie can be an exciting experience. This list of 100+ names offers a lot of options, inspired by various origins, meanings, and themes. You won’t run out of ideas to name your blue budgie. Remember, the bond you share with your blue budgie will only grow stronger once you’ve chosen a name that resonates with both you and your feathered friend. Happy naming!

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