Do Budgies Like Music?

Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 10:37 pm

Written by Isra P

Do budgies like music? That’s a question a lot of people are curious about. Budgies are a great choice when choosing a pet bird, especially for those without prior bird-caring experience. They are smart, entertaining, and adept at mimicking sounds. Music is a combination of sounds played in a specific order, meaning it’s likely important to budgies.

Budgies do like music as much as we do. Since they are social creatures, they are used to all kinds of noises from their flock. But that’s not all. Budgies love listening, bobbing their heads, and dancing to its rhythm whenever they have the opportunity, as it’s something that it’s often familiar and brings them joy. Still, they also dislike specific tunes that frighten them and may cause anxiety.

A few factors determine whether a budgie will like or hate a particular song. Some are easy to spot, while others may take a bit of effort. Keep reading to discover which music types they enjoy and which are likely to disrupt their peace.

Although a song’s lyrics don’t have much meaning to a budgie, its harmony and beat do have a profound effect. Music triggers neural responses in humans, which lead us to experience specific emotions. Budgies react the same way.

They may also enjoy certain songs for different reasons. One of them is being taught by the owner to like or dislike a particular melody. For example, suppose owners enjoy a particular music. In that case, budgies might start mimicking them and respond the same way every time they listen to a similar beat. They might move back and forth while bobbing their heads as the music plays (reference).

Budgies also seem to have individual preferences. Like some people who love classical music while others prefer jazz, budgies may love one or more genres while rejecting others.

What Type of Music do Budgies Love?

Learning which type of music budgies love can be a challenge. Aside from guessing, there’s a methodology that can be used to determine the genres they like the most.

Music notes

One way to approach it is by replicating the sounds they often hear in their natural environment. For example, nature sounds make them feel at home. Calming beats that put them at ease is something they also appreciate, as that helps them avoid getting stressed by external noises.

In addition to relaxation, budgies are also fond of excitement. Now, the stimulation they enjoy is one that arouses their curiosity without endangering their well-being. So you could say that natural, relaxed and lively music is your best bet.

Soft or Relaxing Music

Music that is calm, quiet, and peaceful appeals to budgies (resource). It encourages them to feel serene as they get nervous when exposed to discordant or too disturbing sounds.

Additionally, relaxing music reduces the effect of undesired or unwanted sounds, such as those belonging to construction sites, factories, and transport, that can make them feel flustered or nervous.

Soft relaxing music includes classical and instrumental, for instance, jazz, with a tranquil or placid vibe, making budgies less stressed.

This soft music won’t give your budgies any unpleasant surprises or make them worried. On the contrary, it will keep them comfortable and happy.

Natural Sounds

In the wild, budgies reside on the highest branches of trees close to a body of water. They are inherently drawn to nature and the natural world.

You may have seen budgies chirping and dancing when hearing ambient noise, such as a soft breeze, rain, other birds chirping, rivers, waterfalls, and ocean waves (source).

Budgies feel happier and more alive when they listen to the sound of nature in its full expression. Moreover, it significantly benefits their mental and physical health.

Energetic/ Lively Music

Budgies have a thing for lively tunes. Surprisingly, they respond exceptionally well to upbeat music, such as pop, reggae, and songs typically found on music charts. They will sing and dance and may be found close to the radio if they sense it will energize them.

Because these rhythms tend to be relatively light and feature vocals, budgies interpret them as human speech and feel connected to them. Ideally, slow and predictable sound patterns are what they prefer, so you should cater to their interest.

Not all budgies respond to music the same way. As a result, your perception of what they could enjoy may differ significantly from what they actually love. So, look closely at your pets to find out what they like.

Other Genres

Over time, you can train your bird to react favorably to particular musical genres. Try not to force it or overdo it. It is essential to keep the sound mellow and quiet at all times.

Catchy beats are best for budgies, so most genres, including indie and folk, work.

Try a variety of styles when they are most comfortable and relaxed. Keep an eye on their behavior and responses; you’ll notice that they learn to associate music with leisure and joy. You may play a few tunes before they take a nap since that’s when they are generally the most relaxed and content.

How do you Know Which Music Budgies Like?

There is no doubt that budgies respond to music through their facial expressions and behavior.

do budgies like music

If the music you’re playing awakens and inspires your pets, it’s a good indicator they’re enjoying it. They will begin chirping, nearly mimicking the phrases, and they will attempt to move about and play

You might even hear them whistling! Conversely, if you hear screeching, growling, or hissing, you should change the tune or turn it off completely, as that is a clear sign they don’t like it.

Your pets’ body language is one of the best ways to tell if they’re happy or satisfied. Having loose, puffy feathers and grinding the beak while listening to the beats are other clues they agree with your music taste. Occasionally, budgies may even sleep with their feet raised when hearing a song they like.

Therefore, observing your winged companions’ reactions to the music will allow you to determine which melody they enjoy the most.

In the following video, you can see a budgie happily dancing:

How to Tell Which Music Parakeets Hate?

As humans, we do not enjoy all types of music, and some songs are downright offensive to us. Likewise, budgies find certain tunes annoying. Heavy metal, electronic, and some hip-hop songs tend to be the ones disliked by budgies the most as they are often too loud, disruptive and unpredictable

So if you play music and your pet begins to screech, growl, or hiss afterward, it isn’t welcome. Furthermore, slicked-back feathers and shaking indicate that’s a sound they want to avoid.

Should I Leave Music on for my Budgie?

As budgies are naturally curious about various sounds and noises, music helps them stay comfortable and content. So make a playlist for your pets based on the genres they like, or listen to some well-known bird songs.

However, in the same way, that listening to music nonstop can give you headaches, prolonged exposure to music might make budgies mentally ill. Even though they enjoy it, they still need quiet time to recover. So refrain from playing music for hours without a break.

Is Music Good for a Budgie's Sleep?

Your budgie might be too engrossed with the music to fall asleep. The background sounds of a busy flock are always in their ears during the day since they are flock animals.

sleeping female budgerigar

As a result, budgies prefer quiet moments when they sleep to be alert for any threats. Nevertheless, each bird’s circumstances are unique. Some of them might be able to fall asleep to the music if it’s quiet enough.

If you wish to listen to music at night, turn it down. Additionally, it will help if you cover your pets’ cages, so they are less exposed to higher-frequency sounds.

So do budgies like music? Budgies indeed enjoy listening to soft, calming, or upbeat music. Their energy and contentment are boosted as a result of listening to it. Music can inspire them to sing or dance and even strengthen their bond with you. Still, you should be careful and select only the songs they love. Otherwise, you may end up upsetting them or threatening their well-being.

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