About Us

Hello, Isra & Marie here. We are the creators of featheredbuddies.com.com and decided to begin this website to share our passion for birds with the world.

Here we cover many of the most baffling concerns you may have about budgies and other unusual winged companions. From the meals they should have to the best ways to have a fantastic time with them, we do our best to portray with the utmost accuracy what having budgies and other birds as pets is really about.

Still, you should always consult with a veterinarian before following anyone’s advice, as your pets’ well-being is at stake.

Our Story

We are siblings who have nurtured and cared for small feathered buddies for over 30 years. Of course, like everyone else, we were clueless about how to care for birds when we started our journey.

My earliest memory (Isra) of a budgie is when I was seven. At this time, I met our first budgie, “Dusty.” We learned the basics of caring for a bird, although the best we could do was give him water and seeds.

You have to understand the internet was not a thing, and you had to rely on word of mouth to know what to do. As time passed, we began to recognize our pets’ needs through a lot of trial and error. It wasn’t long before we knew what to do (for the most part) and what made our friends joyful.

A few years later, we adopted several cockatiels that turned into a big happy family. After a short while, the clan grew larger with the addition of finches, canaries, a monk parakeet, a sun conure, and more budgies!

We learned quite a bit. Budgies, like other parrot family members, can be massively mischievous; on the other hand, canaries and finches like to lay low and do their own thing.

As we bonded with them, our understanding of their emotional needs increased to the point they confided in us their deepest secrets (or at least that’s what we thought).

The Mission

Our goal is to provide everything you might need to properly care for your budgies and other flying mates. It is a fact that there’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to keeping your birds in good shape. If that wasn’t bad enough, some sources could lead you the wrong way making your pets hate you in the process.

We experienced a lot of setbacks with our feathered buddies throughout the years, but finally, we learned from our mistakes.

That was a lot of pain, and we don’t want you to suffer the same way we did if it can be helped. For that reason, we can’t stay on the sidelines anymore! With our combined experience of over 60 years, we can clarify some of your most pressing concerns about how budgies and other birds behave and, more importantly, help you avoid the mistakes we made when we started on this path.

My background as a scientist and the challenges we encountered gave us a clear perspective that some people miss when trying to understand and nurture budgies and other birds.

It is a great honor for us to be able to help you out with the information we provide. Hopefully, you will have a smoother journey than we did with your winged comrades.


Isra and Marie

authors of featheredbuddies.com