What is Featheredbuddies.com?

Feathered Buddies aims to share the experience and valuable insights of seasoned budgies’ owners that have overcome countless challenges to improve their pets’ quality of life.

With several decades of experience and plenty of pets to look after, we have learned what should be and shouldn’t be done when taking care of our winged companions.

female budgie

What are Budgies?

Budgies, also known as budgerigars, are small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrots. They are the only species in the genus Melopsittacus. Moreover, they are gentle and docile birds that are easy to tame, mainly if acquired at a young age.

blue birds

Where do Budgies Come From?

Budgies are native to Australia, where they live in large flocks in the grasslands, savannas, open forests, grassy woodlands, and farmland. They are nomadic flock parakeets that breed opportunistically and in pairs.

budgies in the wild

Why are They Called Budgies?

The origin of the budgerigar’s name is unclear, but it is derived from an Aborigine word meaning “good meal.” The first recorded description of the budgerigar was made by George Shaw, the assistant keeper of the British Museum’s Natural History Department, in 1805.

amazed budgerigar

Understanding Budgie Behavior

Budgies, with their vibrant personalities and social nature, exhibit a range of behaviors that can be both fascinating and perplexing to bird enthusiasts. However, understanding their behavior is paramount to truly appreciate and bond with these feathered companions.

At first glance, a budgie’s actions might seem random or merely playful.
But, much like any other animal, each behavior has a purpose, often rooted in their instincts, emotions, or needs.

By decoding these behaviors, owners can ensure their budgie’s well-being and foster a deeper bond with their pet.

budgie playing with small toy

Caring for Your Budgie

Taking care of a budgerigar is a big responsibility. It is much more than simply putting it in a cage with seeds and water.

Providing a balanced diet, including seeds, pellets, and fresh produce, is a good starting point.

budgerigar eating lettuce

Furthermore, other aspects, such as keeping an eye on its health, providing a suitable living environment, and addressing the bird’s social and emotional needs, are also vital to ensure a budgie’s optimal health and happiness.

Curious Facts About Budgies

Budgies have been domesticated for over a century, and as shocking as it may seem, they all had green bodies with a yellow head when they were originally discovered.

Interestingly enough, through selective breeding, they now exhibit a rainbow of colors beyond their natural green, such as yellow, blue, white, and even black.

With remarkable accuracy, these intelligent birds can mimic sounds, including human speech.

Moreover, they can easily learn to speak several words or phrases, but they need to be taught the right way to make it happen.

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